The Bitter Glory of the Princess of Ice

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Greatest scandals of figure skating have been shown in two new recent films. The Story of Nancy Kerrigan–Tonya Harding has been covered in the 30 minutes documentary named as “The Price of gold”. The documentary had been directed by Nanette Burstein and it can be viewed on Netflix online stream.

In the documentary, the Kerrigan had not participated and loathed to pass any comment over Harding. She also avoided commenting over the scandal that took place in 1994 Olympics that took place in Lillehammer Norway.

It goes without saying that the documentary was aired on the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  Kerrigan came in the show of Bob Costas and joked that “she had done the movie and hoped that it would recall her glorious days of past”. The story of Kerrigan and Harding has remained a focus of media attention and it has been in discussion since the beginning of the story.

Kerrigan has been grossly focused in the “The Price of gold” documentary. It has been showed that how she grew up and what challenges she faced in her life. Apart from this, all the historic moments and interviews have also been covered in the documentary. It is undoubtedly a complete package of Kerrigan scandal.

Needless to mention Kerrigan had faced many hardships in her life and she did her best to overcome those challenges.  She is supposed to be Princess of ice and skated excellently in the Olympics.  The scandal had grossly affected the image of Harding which resulted in banishment of Kerrigan from the Skating.  No doubt, it turned out to be biggest joke in her life and she lost her source of income. The documentary is worth watching and must be seen once in life, says a figure skating fan.




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