A Brief Guide about Figure Skating and Answers to Unasked Questions

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The single figure skating that has recently begun in Sochi is supposed to be liked by all and sundry. But, most of the viewers do not know about the sport. They only consider it a worth seeing sport.To clear your understanding about the figure skating, the glossary of the sport has been described below:

Axel:  This is the most difficult and challenging figure skating trick. It is considered to be death defying figure skating. It involves jumping out of the edge while going forward. The double axel demands 2.5 rotations where as the triple axel demands 3.5 rotations.

Base value:  It was a system of 6.0 scales that had to be changed due to personal monopoly of a French judge. Actually the judge had given extra marks to Russian Skaters and it sparked many problems for the ISU. It was totally unbearable and the ISU reformed the scoring trend. Now, it is known as “Grade of Execution”.

Loop:  easy and simple jump compared to Axel and Lutz but it is supposed to be difficult than the toe.

Lutz:  It is considered to be very difficult and tough jump next to Axel. The details of the jump are available here: Lutz jumps.

Salchow:  It is also a kind of jump in which the skater moves backward and tries to rotate at least one time in the air.

Toe loop:  It is almost like a loop but in this jump toe picking activity is involved.

Flying Camel: It is a kind of figure skating in which the skater jumps to sum up and heads towards camel spin.

Camel Spin:  it is a kind of figure skating in which skater moves her one leg extended to backward slightly upper than hips.


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