MT.Gox Site Disappeared, The future of bitcoin trading ambiguous



The one of the largest bitcoin trading online platform has turned out to be a blank page now

The bitcoin trading web portal Mt.Gox happened to be disappeared from World Wide Web late on Monday. The disappearance of this global trading website puts millions of dollars of investors at stake.  The digital currency is generally used for online gambling and most of the people spend thousands of dollars in this online trading business.

It is said that the company has deleted all its tweets from the twitter and chief executive of Mt.Gox “Mark Karpeles” has also relinquished from the job. Yes, he has also resigned from the board of directors of bitcoin foundation.

This company has been in crisis since the 7th February and reported to have lost 744,408 bitcoins users. It is speculated that either the company is rebranding itself or the site was under cyber attack but the situation is totally ambiguous. It is not clear that what has happened to this exchange. But, it is established fact that the bitcoins of the company had grossly plummeted to $130 and it was supposed to be biggest dropout since November 2013.

The president of Bitcoin ATM Company Genesis named as Even Rose called this sudden shut of Mt.Gox a flux. She said that “those who run the system should not be considered as true businessmen. They come in this digital business without considering the fact of risk into account”.  On the other hand, most of the bitcoin exchange companies took a hard line and spoke against the Gt.Gox Company for its carelessness.


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