Tale of grisly ’97 Montgomery killing buries with murder in Israel Prison



Samuel Sheinbein, the 33 years old and a senior student of John F. Kennedy High School has been killed on Sunday in Israel’s prison for attacking the forces. He was supposed to be hard worker, dedicated, cunning, and smart young Israeli who had been accused for a murder in 1997.

Actually everyone was not ready to accept that Samuel Sheinbein had killed Alfredo Tello and left his blood pouring body in a garage. The recovery of body was also astounding. Two agents of real states happened to display a house available for sale to the clients but they smelt the pathetic odor of blood. They went into garage and found Tello’s blood seeping body packed in large plastic bag. Upon knowing the clues, the police had issued an arrest warrant for Samuel Sheinbein but he managed to flee back to his father’s country (Israel).

Inevitably, his father and lawyer helped him to leave the States but he could not be able to save his life. He was prosecuted under the Jewish law for committing a murder about 6000 miles away. His accomplice Aaron Needle who was childhood friend of Samuel had also died during the beginning days of his arrest and supposed to have committed suicide in Montgomery jail. Their acquaintances said that both of these friends were involved in criminal and drugs addiction activities and considered to be teenagers of troubled families.

Pineda says the accused murderer Samuel managed to get a gun in the jail and fired volley of bullets at the security guards that resulted in wounding three security officials. Later, he was killed by counterterrorism force of Israel in his cell.

It goes without saying that United States diplomats had mounted too much pressure over the Israel for handing over the suspect but as per the Jewish law – the person who commits any crime- is not extradited to any other country. His offence is weighed as per the Jewish rules. But, a district court of Israel took the decision in the favor of United States and directed authorities to extradite the suspect with immediate effect. Unfortunately, his decision was overturned by the apex court of Israel and the case had to be decided in the country. Finally, he was imprisoned for 25 years by the Jewish authorities and killed on Sunday for firing at Israel’s jail security forces.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/2014/02/24/35055de4-9d74-11e3-9ba6-800d1192d08b_story.html?hpid=z1



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