Governor Brewer Is Supposed To Veto Anti-Gay Measure



The close aids of Governor Brewer disclosed that the Governor is supposed to veto the anti-guy measures that allow businesses for not giving services to gay and lesbians owing to religious affiliation.

NBC News quoted Chuck Coughlin – the political adviser of Brewer that she wants the legislature to accomplish the task.  On the other hand, another close aide of the Governor said that she did not intend to take any action that could lessen down the economic growth of the Arizona.

Besides, Coughlin said that “Governor will discuss with all stake holders on Wednesday and supposed to make her decision on Thursday or Friday”. The anti-guy measure is mounting a big pressure over the Governor because the state GOP legislature had already approved the legislation.

Apart from this, it is said that this law would meet with the same fate that was of immigration law in the 2010 and Arizona might face serious economic challenges in few days to come. The estimated loss in the wake of immigration law was about $ 140 million in tourism and business revenue. It goes without saying that Senator John McCain has also asked Brewer to veto the bill and the most of the State’s willing candidates for governorship in 2014 have also requested the same.


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