Remodeling Nightmare With Questionable Company Ruins Family’s Kitchen



A North Carolina family can’t use their kitchen thanks to a remodeling issue.

“I’m angry, devastated, and heartbroken,” said Vallee Bubak, after her kitchen was destroyed in a remodeling job.

The Bubak family wanted a “dream kitchen,” but they ended up working with an unqualified company.

The Bubaks hired Custom Crafted Kitchens and Baths to remodel their home. This company had an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and, according to their website, they were both licensed and insured. Vallee figured she was getting excellent service from a qualified company.

“I had every reason to believe I was working with a reputable company,” added Vallee.

Custom Crafted Kitchens and Baths ruined her kitchen with unprofessional remodels, hanging electric wire, counters covering electrical sockets, one screw holding a large wall cabinet, and gaps and rough edges all throughout her kitchen.

On average, the total cost to remodel a kitchen is between $17,000 and $37,000. The Bubaks spent even more than that and received nowhere near an appropriate level of service.

According to WFMY, Custom Crafted Kitchen and Baths would not disclose any information about the sloppy job, lack of permits, or any reason at all. The only thing they did was refer Vallee and everyone else to contact their attorney.

As of now, they don’t advertise the fact that they are a licensed company, although they did when Vallee contacted them. Now, the Bubak’s can’t even use the kitchen because of the faulty remodeling. The power to virtually every appliances is currently off until further inspection can be performed.

Vallee, after this remodeling disaster, went online to leave a review and explain “very factually” how this company ruined her kitchen, caused massive amounts of stress for her and her husband, and cost her nearly $50,000.

After she posted that review, Custom Crafted Kitchens and Bath’s attorney finally reached out to her… informing her that her conduct is “actionable and unacceptable” and that she must “cease and desist her harassing and defamatory conduct immediately.”

Vallee is now working with a different remodeling company and is getting most of her money back.

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