Thanks Obamacare for Opening the Doors of Entrepreneurship



Karen Willmus a teacher of 9th grade has decided to quit her job because Obamacare is paying her enough to focus on her start up.

Congressional Budget Office report reveals that it is just a beginning. Millions of Americans will rely over the Obamacare and quit their existing jobs for smoothly sailing their life. Furthermore, the report determines that in the 2024 there will be a significant drop out of 3.5 million labors which would grossly affect the economy.

Inevitably, the stories of resignation from the jobs invite more criticism for Obamacare. And, this health reform is going to be more criticized in few months to come.  Basically, Obamacare allows people of United States to emerge as an entrepreneur and they reckon this opportunity as fate changing. However, the value of jobs is decreasing with every passing day.

Besides, Willmus intends to launch her business of teaching non English speakers. She has decided to work on her start up with her teen daughter and hope to hire 2 or 3 employees for making her business successful and worth earning.  She says” I cannot afford to buy insurance policies from the market; the risk factor in Obamacare is bearable and comfortable”.


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