Amazon and Google Battle It Out This Holiday Season Over Gift Popularity



The battle between Amazon and Google over the most popular gift this holiday season continues. In the past, the two most popular gifts might’ve been certain types of bicycles or video game consoles. But now, the most popular gifts revolve around a much more modern idea of having a smart home.

People are hoping for the newest device this year to improve their home’s smart compatibilities and connect their appliances and accessories to the Internet. Wholly 93% of Internet experiences begin with a search engine and this holiday season, shoppers are typing in two popular products.

Amazon Echo and Google Home have WiFi speakers and answer user-asked questions. They are physical products consisting of search engine algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-quality speakers.

“There’s clearly some overlap between the Echo and Google Home,” said Craig Johnson, president of Consumer Growth Partners. “I’m not convinced people have room for both devices in their lives.”

According to Forbes, Amazon spent months focusing less on the sound quality of their device but on something more important to the 21st-century user: third-party app compatibility. The Amazon Echo, up from 135 “skills,” (third-party apps) has reached over 3,000 including Uber, Fitbit, Domino’s, NPR, CNN, and many more. Google Home, however, has only reached one third-party app (Uber).

“Google on paper is much better positioned to do something like this than Amazon,” said Jan Dawson, founder of Jackdaw Research.

But Amazon is currently leading the audio race, despite the question of their audio quality.

The Providence Journal reports that Amazon has increased its advertising of the Echo and less expensive Echo Dot by placing ads on its home website, increased online marketing, and bought TV ad campaigns.

Although Amazon seems to be winning the holiday race this year, the war is far from over. Google, as well as other tech companies, have plenty of time, money, and resources to continue to develop revolutionary technologies.

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