Meat and Dairy may be as harmful as the Smoking for your Health

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Recently, a study was conducted over the cell metabolism and researchers said that “eating dairy and meat products may be as harmful for your health as the smoking”. The study claims that middle age people have more chances to arrest with cancer if they eat protein rich foods. It further adds, those people who go on increasing dairy and meat foods, have more chance to die in the young age.

Valter Longo the study co author states in his press release that “people do not know that the foods they eat have any harmful ingredient or not, and they also do not know whether the food they eat will help him to survive till 100 years”.

Prior to this study,  Valter had conducted a research on Protein that was responsible for controlling the growth of hormone called IGF-I and said that high level of this hormone had been associated with cancer.

On the other hand, some studies claim that those people who eat animal protein after 60 years of  age have least chances to arrest with any disease.  The new study of Longo had been conducted over the 6,318 adults of 50 years age and it was observed that two third of the examined adults derive their calories from the animal protein.

It goes without saying, Longo says in his new study that those people who take small amount of animal protein derive 10 percent calories and it is good for the human health.  He also claims in his study that “those people who eat protein diet have more chances to die compared to those who take least amount of protein”.

In addition, another study conducted an experiment over mice that were put on low protein diet for two months and it was observed that “the mice had least chances to get arrested to cancer”. It is pertinent to mention that most of the people opt for protein diet to reduce their weight and it may be too dangerous for their health. Hence, they must read this study before making any plan to continue with their protein diet.

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