Miley Cyrus Caught while using a Teleprompter Onstage

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When a singer sings a song onstage, it does not mean that (s) he remembers the script of the melody. Recently, the same has been observed in a live concert of Miley Cyrus who was using a Teleprompter to recall the script of the song.

The 21 years old singer is facing sheer criticism from her fans who noticed her focusing on a teleprompter fixed at down side of the stage. This news spread like fire in the forest.  Besides, she was also captured in a photo while reading the script onstage.

Needless to say, singers usually forget their scripts during the live concerts but it has been for the first time that a singer has been caught while using a teleprompter. No doubt, this would surely affect her more concerts and area of influence.

MileyAn eye witness said that “I took the above mentioned picture and I was literally shocked that why Miley used Teleprompter to sing her own songs”. And, he said that I noticed that she was looking at the prompter throughout the concert and it was undoubtedly shameful act of a famous singer.

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