Improved Infrastructure Could Spur U.S. Manufacturing Growth

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Advanced technologies and products will be vital for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. At least, that’s what President Obama recently mentioned in a public address.

“If we want to attract more good manufacturing jobs to America, we’ve got to make sure we’re on the cutting edge of new manufacturing technologies and techniques,” he said. “And in today’s global economy, first-class jobs gravitate to first-class infrastructure.”

He is making a concerted effort to contribute to that by introducing two new manufacturing hubs and developing a $302 billion transportation proposal that will upgrade the U.S.’ transportation infrastructure. The plans, particularly the hubs, should help make the U.S. a more enticing option for manufacturers looking for places to build new plans and hire workers.

“I launched a new competition to build 21st century infrastructure – roads and bridges, mass transit, more efficient ports, and faster passenger rail. Rebuilding America won’t just attract new businesses; it will create good construction jobs that can’t be shipped overseas,” he adds.

The hubs are “places where businesses and universities will partner to turn groundbreaking research into real-world goods made in America.” They could be a great tool moving forward if they are used to help build improved factories and infrastructure.

So far, the four that have already been put in place seem to be having a positive impact. According to the Markit Economics final index, U.S. manufacturing rose to 57.1 at the end of February, a solid increase from the 53.7 score a month earlier. The number is based on responses from 85% to 90% of a poll of more than 600 American manufacturers. Anything over 50 indicates expansion.

One common topic at the hubs could be CNC machining. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and it is a highly effective alternative to human-powered machining. Though there will always be a need for talented employees, CNC machines can make their jobs easier and help manufacturers improve accuracy and consistency. Those features can be vital for growth, and are becoming an increasingly important part of manufacturing infrastructures.

“While Congress decides what it’s going to do,” President Obama said. “I’m going to keep doing everything in my power to rebuild an economy where everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead – where we’re restoring our founding vision of opportunity for all.”

The founders of the U.S. might not have had any idea where their aspirations would lead the country, and they certainly never pictured the advanced machinery and technology that manufacturers use today. However, CNC machines and other new products could help build the infrastructure the U.S. needs for manufacturing companies to thrive here in the future.

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