First photos of Kurt Cobain’s body released 20 years later

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On the eve of 20th death anniversary of Nirvana’s lead singer, Seattle Police have released two body images of Kurt Cobain on Thursday. In his first image, it is shown that he is wearing hospital ID bracelet over left wrist and the other picture shows a box of shotgun shells slightly away from his clad foot. These are supposed to be never before seen pictures of the pop singer.

The officials of SPD said that “they have developed a 35 minutes film which would be used for re-examining the investigation”. They further add that the rock Star had disheartened his fans by taking his own life though shotgun blast and his body was found after 3 days of his suicide.

The Police said that what we saw from the blood symptoms that Cobain had used a heavy dose of heroin before taking his life and we had already released the pictures of his heroin kit. Besides, the suicidal note that we shared with media last time was found by the electrician named as “Smith” and it was he who had informed SPD about his death.

Death Scenekurt-cobain-suicide-sceneDespite having enough suicide evidences, fans of Cobain still force police to reopen the investigation. The spokesman of SPD said in his press briefing that “we receive 1 request every week to reopen his case and most of the requests are coming through twitter”.


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