David Letterman to retire as TV Host in 2015

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David Letterman who is considered to be the most famous TV host has announced during taping of “The Late Show” that he is going to retire from his job in 2015. When CBS confirmed his retirement and released the transcript of his remarks, fans of Letterman bombarded with speculations on twitter.

Actually, the announcement of retirement happened to be leaked when Mike Mills was at tapping of “The Late Show” tweeted that “David Letterman just announced his retirement”. It goes without saying that Letterman has been hosting the show since 1993 and extended his contract with CBS till 2015. Media gurus hold the opinion that “there is no indication that whether it would be his last contract with CBS or not but Letterman is highly credible personality”.

Leslie Moonves the owner of this network had years of relationship with me. Once we promised with each other that we would work together in all circumstances and just before the beginning of my program, I made a call to Leslie and said “You are great Leslie and the network has also been great, but I am retiring.  David said in his monologue.

Lastly, he said thanks to friends, staff, colleagues, technicians and all the people watching him on TV.


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