Latest Fort Hood shooting revives broader gun debate

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The person who had killed 3 soldiers and injured 16 others at Fort Hood happened to purchase a gun from private gun shop without intimating to base commander. Gen. Ray Odierno the Army Chief of Staff said to Senate panel that “we had implemented security changes after 2009 massacre and the quick response of military police on the Wednesday’s incident is the evident proof”.

On the other hand, John McHugh Secretary of Army said that “though we had already implemented security changes yet we accept that something went wrong and we would surely know what it was”. He further said that this issue is not confined to Fort Hood only. In 2013, a gunman had killed 13 soldiers of Navy in the capital and it was also an issue of serious nature.

The Army Chief of Staff said that “the shooting could have been much worse if we had not trained our soldiers how to respond to live shooting situation”. Authorities said that Lopez had purchased .45 caliber handgun from a shop and violated military regulations by not registering the weapon to commander.

SecurityOn the other hand, Lynn Adams who is resident of the base said that “though authorities check each and everything yet there were many lapses in the security check”.  To counter this statement, the Director of FBI said that “they cannot check every pet, car, and person because 50,000 people are working there and it is supposed to be a big city”.  He further said that we are determined to eliminate this issue but it would not be completely eliminated.

Lastly, Dan Corbin the Mayor of Killeen said to a private news Channel that “it is impossible to ensure 100% security in the base and you cannot judge that whether someone has gun at Fort Hood or not”.




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