Innovative Digital Billboard Alerts Drivers to Traffic and Weather Problems



Billboards are known for being used to advertise a product or service. They’re typically a non-moving picture that says a few words and nothing else. Often times, there’s no bells and whistles on the billboard to help get to point across. However, one major company recently took their billboard advertising game to the next level with the use of technology and digital pictures.

In the United Kingdom, the luxury car company Audi recently unveiled a new campaign which features a digital billboard. What was different about this specific billboard in comparison to others from Audi in the past it alerted drivers of potential traffic issues and potential weather problems.

Besides giving drivers a leg up on the traffic, the new digital billboard was being used to advertise the Audi technology called Sixth Sense. This technology sends you alerts if you may be driving too fast, as well as additional alerts that inform you of any possible traffic delays. It also includes Audi’s special all-wheel drive.

In terms of the billboard, if there happens to be any heavy traffic in front of it, the Pre-Sense technology kicks in and alerts drivers of the issues right in front of their eyes. If there is imminent weather, a screen will pop up showing how the Audi handles the conditions using its all-wheel drive. This gives onlookers a chance to see the type of technology one would be able to utilize if they were to purchase their own Audi vehicle.

If there are no traffic or weather issues, the billboard will show an image of all of the Sixth Sense technology pieces. This includes an image of a nose, an eye, a mouth, an ear, and also shows hands on a steering wheel. Doing this gives drivers a chance to see what else the technology has to offer.

The data for the weather is gathered from the United Kingdom government, while the data regarding the traffic is gathered from Google.

The advertisements appeared on 211 billboards all across the United Kingdom in cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The campaign ran from October 16, 2017, through October 29 2017. In a poll, 32% of people saythey visited a retailer after seeing their service or a product on a billboard. This is a prime example of how advertising actually works and how successful it can be.

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