Company Sells $650 ‘Thought Box’, Gets Shredded By Internet



This week is a special edition of a series we like to call what won’t humans buy? The answer is there is nothing we won’t buy. There’s always someone out there looking for something to burn cash on. That’s why sites like This Is Why I’m Broke exist. We’ll buy anything and the internet has everything.

Men and women are near equally guilty of embezzlement, with women tipping the stealing scale at 51%, but some products cause us to wonder at what point the sale of a “product” becomes robbery.

In our internet perusal, we came across some pretty robbery-worthy products for purchase, but there was one thing that really got our attention. It’s called Thought Box. Briefly at a loss for words, we’ll use the product description the website provides.

“Alone at last! The Thought Box is an original and curious piece of furniture that promotes mental efficiency in the user. Simply lift up the seat by the handle, thus freeing the unit, then sit on the stool and place the box on your head,” the description reads.

Although many consumers still prefer to buy furniture in a store, furniture and home furnishings represent 12.9% of all retail e-commerce sales in the United States.

A stool and a black box to put over your head. You know, to sit and think undisturbed. Cotton is a lightweight fabric that’s breathable and easy to wash, making it a pretty simple yet universally useful material. If you weren’t convinced by the Thought Box’s concept that it has the versatility of a staple like cotton, perhaps the make and included accessories can sway your opinion.

“It is intended as a personal space in which to simply think. Comes complete with earplugs and 5 interchangeable (and washable) colored filters – chose a filter to suit your mood,” the Thought Box boasts.

Ah, yes, the five washable filters of varying colors totally sold us. Let’s add it to our cart. Wait. It costs about $650 without shipping fees. They even note that the item is a limited edition with only 10 in stock. Perhaps there’s a reason it hasn’t sold out. Tough to tell definitively.

It’s important to repair screens with holes to keep mosquitoes and other pests out and all we can think of this product as being is an incredibly expensive mosquito net for camping. For that price, it should certainly have more than one use. Collect your thoughts, keep out bugs. Plenty of people love hiking and camping to collect their thoughts, but what do we know?

Predictably, Twitter got ahold of this and had an absolute riot with it. One person wondered if they’d also sell a jar to hold the thoughts collected from using the Thought Box. Another said it was a decent reflection space for people to think about the dumb purchase they’d just made. Finally, another succinctly pointed out the bathroom is the most effective and original thought box. And it’s free.

The internet had a whole bunch of thoughts on the Thought Box and didn’t seem to require one to cook them up. Nobody offers a scathing product review quite like the fine folks on Twitter. Perhaps people will think twice before practicing thoughtless consumerism. Then again, who knows? If only there were a place to think on these things.

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