HasOffers, MobileDevHQ Launch New App, Take SEO Mobile

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Two Seattle-based startups have partnered to produce ‘Organic Downloads,’ a new SEO tracking tool. MobileDevHQ used the MobileAppTracking technology from fellow startup HasOffers to produce the new piece of software. Now, you might see yet another SEO tracking tool and think, “so what.” ‘Organic Downloads’ is a tool engineered to bring SEO to the mobile market. Whereas before businesses could only offer their best guess as to what drives mobile app purchases and downloads, ‘Organic Downloads’ allows mobile app creators to see what organic sources and keywords are driving people to their products.

Mobile Applications Are the Way of the Future

The move toward this sort of mobile SEO was inevitable. With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine and the mobile market expected only to grow as time goes forward, somebody was going to put the two together eventually.

Mobile applications are proving to be an especially lucrative market, with Gartner estimates showing that the annual sale of mobile apps will reach $77 billion by 2017. When Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, is now requiring its mobile users to use an app, instead of a built-in web browser, it’s pretty clear that mobile applications are the way forward for businesses looking to spread their brands and make sales. Just as traditional SEO has helped many businesses drive traffic to their websites and storefronts, so, too, can the mobile SEO functionality offered by ‘Organic Downloads’ help brands drive increased spending to their potentially lucrative mobile efforts. Current “Enterprise-level” MobileDevHQ customers can start using the new mobile functionality today.

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