The 13 Worst Supermarkets in America in 2014

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Anyone who tries to efficiently use self checkout machine or attempts to navigate shopping cart knows that all supermarkets does not offer excellent customer services. Recently, Customer Support has conducted a survey of 27,000 subscribers for its may issue and ranked country’s 55 groceries stores as per their standards. The results of this survey prove that “the bigger does not mean as better”.

Besides, Wal-Mart- the America’s biggest supermarket- has been ranked at the bottom of the list. It is said that in the 100 score of this survey, the biggest mart has hardly earned 67 points. It goes without saying that the highest score receiver of this survey was east-coast chain Wegmans. This supermarket has earned 88 points out of 100 and it was top-ranked super market according to Customer Support survey.

In the survey, shoppers had been asked plenty of questions pertaining to their choice, customer satisfaction, prices, food quality and crowded aisles. On the other hand, Food Marketing Institute said that despite complains of high prices and low quality of food, a big number of Americans visit these supermarkets.

The survey of these supermarkets is based on the customers’ response to the following categories:

Price, Cleanliness, Perishables (food quality), and service (includes employee courtesy and checkout speed).

Here goes the list of the 13 Worst Supermarkets in America in 2014


Reader score: 67

Location: Nationwide

Shaw’s Supermarkets

Reader score: 69

Location: Maine, Mass., N.H., R.I., and Vt.


Reader score: 70

Location: Del. N.J., N.Y., and Pa.


Reader score: 70

Location: Pa., N.J., Del. Md.

 Pick ‘n Save

Reader score: 72

Location: Wisc.


Reader score: 72

Location: N.Y. and Pa.


Reader score: 72

Location: ill., Iowa, and Ind.

 Stop & Shop

Reader score: 72

Location: N.Y., N.J., Mass., R.I., and Conn.

 Food Lion

Reader score: 72

Location: Mid- and South-Atlantic Regions


Reader score: 73

Location: Western/Central United States


Reader score: 73

Location: Conn., Mass., N.H., N.Y., Pa., and Vt.


Reader score: 73

Location: Calif. and Nev.

Giant Eagle

Reader score: 73

Location: Pa., Ohio, W.V., Md., Ind.




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