Move Over Google! Apple Moves Forward With Secret Automotive Project

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Media has recently been abuzz with news of Google’s strides in making electric, self-driving cars.

According to Time, Apple has decided to go head to head with Google, with a secret project dubbed “Titan” that aims to create an Apple brand electric car. The tech giant hopes that the car will be available for public purchase in the coming years.

The rivalry between Google and Apple is not new. Rather, the two major technology players have been pitted against each other for decades now.

Both company’s mobile innovations have struck remarkably similar chords. So much, in fact, that the late, great Steve Jobs accused Google of copying Apple’s prototype on multiple occasions.

To see “Titan” through, Apple has enlisted the best players in the auto industry. Earlier this year, Apple welcomed Paul Furgale, a Swedish auto industry expert, to its automotive team. In addition to Furgale, Apple reportedly recruited hundreds of other renowned automotive experts.

On July 20, Apple announced that another big name was added to their automotive expert roster: Doug Betts. Doug Betts has been an expert in the auto industry for years, and is most noted for his work as a global quality associate for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

A recent study found that 94% of consumers research vehicles before making a purchase. Of these individuals, 33% are willing to purchase a car online. In many ways, the buzz both companies have received about their technologically revolutionary vehicles is testimony in itself to how successful the cars will be.

Of course, both companies have a long way to go until release of driverless, electric cars are possible. We may have to wait years until consumers get their hands-free, gas-free vehicles.

For now, all speculators can do is sit and wait until Google or Apple releases the latest details on the projects that are in the works. To date, Google has been scrupulous with updates, with reports that their driverless vehicles have covered two million miles of roadways.

Apple, on the other hand, has been more elusive.

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