Burglar Breaks Into Restaurant Through Roof, Falls In Deep Fryer

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Approximately 30% of all burglaries happen through an unlocked window or an unlocked door. But other times, criminals can be pretty crafty when it comes to finding an alternate entrance.

According to a recent report from WREG Memphis, a popular Midtown restaurant had an unexpected visitor in the form of a bungling burglar, who broke into Peggy’s Heavenly Home Cooking through the restaurant’s roof. After breaking in and crawling through the ventilation system, the man fell into the deep fryer, leaving behind a sole tennis shoe.

Employees of the restaurant laughed about the absurdity of the situation. One of them, Demetrius Woodbridge, commented, “One shoe! We’re only talking about one shoe! You would have thought he’d [at least] grab it and try to take it with him.”

After stealing the restaurant owner’s own shoes, the burglar smashed the cash register, taking a total of $3,000. He then fled through the open window. Unfortunately for the restaurant’s staff, the security cameras were not recording at the time of the burglary, so there’s little chance that this deep-fried delinquent will be found any time soon.

Employees hope the restaurant will be able to reopen soon, and report that the restaurants have insurance that will be able to cover the damages. The staff have all been doing their part to help clean up and regroup.

“I’ve been working for this family for about six years. They took care of me, and I’m here to take care of them in their time of need,” said Woodbridge.

General Manager Wanda Pluitt said that “the whole ventilation system has to be replaced,” before the restaurant could reopen. No word on whether or not the suspect in question has been located, or whether he suffered any injuries from the deep fryer.

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