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In this video, you will learn about workplace diversity. There are a lot of terms that are good to define. First, let us define diversity. Diversity is defined as the quantitative representation of difference.

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It’s about counting how many women, people of color, people from indigenous areas, how many people from the LGTBQ community there are, and more. When we are in the land of diversity, we put in resources. The more people you have from different backgrounds, the more ideas you can put forward. Companies say they value differences, but this might not always be true. Many companies will encourage differences. However, they might use the term “leave your differences at the door!” This is a rather interesting phenomenon. This is a message of behavioral conformity. Because of this, differences are not always welcomed. As any strong company would, it can be easy to count numbers and sales and numerical data and focus less and less on culture. If as a business owner, you don’t have anyone in your company from certain backgrounds, you might be missing out on a lot of perspectives. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading this post for more information.

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