new home renovation ideas

New Home Renovation Ideas



Renovation is a perfect way of transforming the appearance and increasing the value of a new home. Furthermore, carrying out a renovation project enhances the security and comfort of a new home. The cost of home renovations varies according to the renovation needs, homeowners’ preferences, and the materials used. Home renovations should be carried out frequently based on a home’s condition. However, it is also good to implement new home renovation ideas before moving in. This article outlines the basics of new home renovations.

Essential New Home Renovations Ideas to Implement After Moving In

A person may be forced to move into their new residence immediately. However, if you want to avoid being stressed during your stay and in the future, the following are some of the new home renovation ideas you should prioritize.

Kitchen Renovation and Upgrades

The kitchen acts as the heart of a home. It has many activities, and many people in the family also use the room. Moving in allows the homeowner to understand the best design to incorporate based on the feel and flow of the home.

If the kitchen is cramped, overly dated, or requires renovation, the repairs should be carried out immediately. Failure to do so may create and prolong challenges when undertaking basic daily chores such as washing utensils and cooking, hence creating many inconveniences.

It would help if you also considered undertaking kitchen upgrades such as kitchen cabinet painting, replacing worn-out surfaces, and installing new kitchen appliances.

Closet Renovation

Investing in your home functionality is usually a brilliant idea. Renovating the closet entails adding clothing rods, shelving, hooks, pull-out drawers, lighting, and even custom closet design. This can increase the value of your residence and also simplify the morning routine, hence saving time.

Painting the Interior

Although you should not focus much on cosmetic issues such as the paint color on the house’s walls when searching for a house to purchase, it is essential to focus on improving and correcting the design and house-themed mistakes of the previous owner. Therefore, undertaking a full house interior painting creates a sense of fresh start.

Upgrading the Basement

One of the new home renovation ideas you should adopt is improving the appearance of the basement. Adding some light and installing various equipment in the area can create a perfect place for spending your leisure time.

Refinishing the Hardwood Flooring

This helps in giving the flooring a more reflective quality, correcting discoloration, and repairing unattractive scratches. Despite the cost of undertaking this project, it can significantly transform your home’s appearance.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating the bathroom is another crucial project you should undertake after moving to a new home. This entails replacing or repairing different areas such as the shower, bathroom cabinets, and sinks, among many others. Notably, bathrooms are highly subject to changing design styles. Living in a house with a fully functional bathroom enhances comfort and increases your home’s value.

Insulation Upgrade

Although undertaking an insulation upgrade has less impact based on a visual perspective, undertaking this project enhances a home’s thermal comfort and helps in reducing utility bills. Therefore, you should upgrade your insulation after moving to a new home to make it more energy-efficient.

Best Renovations for New Homes

The following are some of the best new home renovation ideas which homeowners should consider adopting.

Curb Appeal Boosters

A home’s curb appeal plays a significant role in transforming its appearance. This creates a good impression when guests come to your home. There are different ways you can use to make your residence stand out. The following are some of the projects you should consider undertaking:

  • Repairing, repainting, or replacing brick, wood, or vinyl siding
  • Buying or painting a new front door
  • Replacing a worn garage door
  • Adding stone veneer to the entry path
  • New lighting installation

Notably, taking simple steps such as painting the entry door using a darker color like black can significantly increase the home’s value. This is quite impressive considering the cost of a can of paint.


Landscaping your home also makes a home appear more enticing and adds curb appeal. Potential landscape projects entail:

  • Resodding or reseeding the lawn
  • Adding flower beds, hanging baskets, or planters
  • Weeding planters and flower beds
  • Planting trees
  • Removing dead bushes and trees
  • Replacing old mulch
  • Scrapping up old grass and leaves

Most of these activities require a low budget, and they also have the advantage of being DIY friendly; therefore, you will not require services from professional companies.

Smart Home Automation

Technology advancements have made the use of smart home devices increasingly popular in the real estate sector. This has helped in boosting home values, adding new appeals, and enhancing home security and safety. Some of the most common smart home applications include:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lights
  • Smart home security systems such as doorbell cameras
  • Smart carbon monoxide, smoke, and radon detectors

Energy-Efficient Extras

The use of energy-efficient building materials and appliances has many benefits for homeowners. These items can significantly reduce your energy costs and also the environmental effect on your residence. Some of the energy-efficient projects you should consider adding to your new home include:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Replacing poorly insulated external doors
  • Investing in a smart thermostat
  • Buying Energy Star applications
  • Replacing old windows
  • Improving insulation

Furthermore, many of these energy-efficient new home renovation ideas are usually eligible for state and federal green tax credits; hence, they benefit a homeowner in more than one way. You should consider undertaking a professional energy audit if you want to figure out ways of enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Many electricity and gas suppliers provide evaluations that indicate a person’s energy score and tips for boosting energy efficiency.

Keeping the Residence Up to Code

Based on how old a home is, some home renovation projects can be undertaken to update it according to residential building codes. For instance, if the new home you intend to move into is old, it can benefit from the following renovations:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Windows
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • HVAC systems
  • Water heaters
  • Roofing

These forms of home renovation projects are usually suited for old houses that have not been previously updated. Although some of these projects may be costly, they will add value to your home and make it comfortable, secure, and safer. Therefore, you should consider seeking help from professionals such as a roofer, an electrician, and a plumber.

Outdoor Oasis

Home updates and renovations make a home more functional and accessible, making it more appealing and adding value. The value-added depends on the homeowner’s choice of material and the design. Besides, some DIY remodels such as brick and stone patios and lower decks that a homeowner can undertake if they have some basic skills. You may also consider hiring lawn maintenance companies to take care of your yard.

Suppose you intend to build a patio or deck, pressure wash, and refinish it if need be. It would help if you replaced or repaired any old, broken pavers or rotting boards and strip stains and flaking paint. Although remodeling existing outdoor structures is usually a low-cost activity, it enhances a home’s appeal and adds to the general desirability of the residence.

Transforming an Unused Space

Typically, new homes have an extra, unfinished area that you can utilize. Such spaces include the basement, bonus rooms, and attics. Therefore, you should take advantage of these spaces and consider them in your remodeling plans. Properly utilizing these spaces increases your living area and makes your house more attractive to potential buyers if you intend to sell it in the future. Moreover, this is quite less costly than adding extra floor space to your residence. You can take renovation projects and transform these unused areas into a playroom, home gym, game room, home office, additional living room, separate suite, study room, library, or guest bedroom.

Tips for Renovating a New Home

The primary reasons for undertaking home renovations are usually making the residence feel more comfortable and appear more appealing. A home renovation project should be considered a business plan or a project being started from scratch. You can either hire architecture or opt to adopt DIY methods. The following are some tips you should consider when implementing your new home renovation ideas.

Create a Renovation Plan

Having a strategic renovation plan is a necessity when it comes to effective renovations. If you opt to undertake the renovation yourself, you should focus on both the smaller parts and the bigger picture. Furthermore, you should consider creating a renovation strategy for every space in your home based on your needs. If you choose to seek professional help from a home improvement company, they should evaluate your home and carry out the job accordingly. However, it is essential to remain in charge of the project by giving out your renovation ideas, outlining the end goal for every room or area in the home, and deciding the general renovation objective.

Develop a Budget

Renovation costs vary based on a homeowner’s needs and preferences, repair levels, and the quality of the service. Therefore, regardless of the home’s renovation needs, you should decide the total expenditure needs and limit. Notably, it would help if you also remembered that a budget should always remain underestimated.

Gather a Remarkable Team

Complex home renovation usually requires professional help. Typically, a renovation team entails professionals such as interior designers, builders, and architects. The skills and knowledge of this team determine the outcome of the renovation project. Therefore, it is essential to start with finding the appropriate renovator or builder for your project. You should evaluate all your potential service providers thoroughly and seek referrals where applicable. Additionally, you should feel high comfort levels with the team and confidence in their ability, experience, integrity, communication, and organization.

If the project entails structural components such as building extra spaces, or moving walls, among many others, the builder can connect you with a reputable architect. Your builder needs to be part of the architectural design project to make sure the drawings conform to your desired remodeling budget and scope.

Research Intensely

Conducting thorough research offers a homeowner the chance to explore various new home renovation ideas. Furthermore, researching also enables someone to evaluate different prices for various renovation projects such as furniture repair or replacement, painting and decorations such as custom picture framing, and home equipment installation. Renovation prices are usually based on the homeowner’s budget and preferences. If you intend to renovate your home economically, you should consider visiting second-hand stores and check their offers. Additionally, you can also use online sources to conduct your research. These platforms can help approximate the needed budget, check reviews of professional service providers, and gain more skills if you opt to do the renovations yourself.

Let the Door Create a Good First Impression

The first impression of a house is usually the door, especially the front door. Therefore, you should ensure that it is in good condition by repairing, replacing, or repainting it when implementing your new home renovation ideas. Doors can also affect the lighting condition of rooms. Therefore, when repainting the door, you should use different shades based on the light concentration of the house.

Understand Paint Effects Lighting

As mentioned above, the painting of a home affects its lighting. Therefore, you should consider using new paint when renovating your house. Moreover, you should ensure that the painting conforms to the style and theme of the house. If your new home renovation ideas are based on a tight budget, you should consider using a white and black palette. This gives a house a modern, classy appearance.

Let the Small Rooms Appear Large

If you intend to renovate your house to make it appear bigger, one of the effective and inexpensive ways to achieve your renovation objective is using mirrors. Although this is a low-budget technique, it can significantly transform your home’s appearance.

Take Advantage of Windows

Typically, light penetrates a house through the windows. Furthermore, seeing the outdoors offers creates an amazing experience when a person is inside the house. Therefore, you should consider installing large windows when implementing your new home renovation ideas. Suppose you do not intend to replace the windows based on your budget or any other factor. In that case, you should consider painting the windows with lighter colors than the rest of the room to optimize the light originating from the windows.

Moving to a new home is usually an amazing idea. However, some homes need some renovation based on their condition or the homeowner’s needs and preferences. Therefore, you should undertake some home remodeling when moving in to enhance the home’s comfort, functionality, safety, and security.

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