How to Make Your Own Beer Candle

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In this YouTube video, DIY Yours Crafty walks through the instructions on making a beer candle. A beer candle can be a handy gift or a conversation starter.

To build the candle, a person will need paraffin wax, an electric wax heater, glue gun and glue, gel wax, thread for the candle wick, scent, a glass beer mug, and color powder.

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Set aside all of these items in preparation for the build.

Cut a length of string twice as long as the wick should be. Fold the line in half, so there are two strands next to each other. Make a knot on one end. Twist the two cords together and tie the other end in a knot as well. Glue one knot of the string to the bottom of a glass beer mug.

Heat the gel wax in the wax heater until it’s fully melted. Add the colored powder and mix well. Add scent to the melted wax. Stir the wax continually to create and trap bubbles in the mix.

Pull the string from the bottom of the glass, so the wick stands tall. Place the line between two pencils to keep it on top of the glass. Pour the melted gel wax into the glass.

Melt the paraffin wax in the wax heater. Add a white crayon as an option to give it some white color as an option. When thoroughly heated, pour the melted hardened wax into the glass. Cut the excess wick.

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