What Is NFT Minting?



NFT minting is the new buzzword on the block. Many may have heard of the term but are unsure of what it is, while others may have no idea and have never heard of it before. It may feel daunting when technology moves at the pace that it does. It may feel even more daunting to try and understand this new wave of technology.

Video Source

The YouTube video “What Is Minting NFT – Beginners NFT Minting Tutorial” is structured to help beginners wet their toes in the NFT pond.


What is NFT Minting and Why Should You Care

Let’s first focus on what NFT stands for. The NFT or Non-fungible token is a unique digital identifier. It cannot be copied, which makes it quite valuable. Not all NFTs have the same value. Its value is determined by those that might be interested in purchasing it. Some NFTs have sold for upwards of $1 000 000,00. Other NFTs sell for a few dollars. Many things can qualify as an NFT, including artwork, music, tweets, or videos.


Minting an NFT refers to creating an NFT on a blockchain. Owners of NFTs can earn money by selling NFTs. In a world that’s fast moving into the digital age, it’s a way for artists to make money off their content.


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