Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All Your Ride-Or-Dies



Love StoriesFebruary 14 is coming up fast, so there’s not much time to waste. If you’ve been procrastinating on finding gifts for your loved ones (don’t act like you don’t relate), we’ve got you covered. Don’t expect to see anything hackneyed and over-hyped here. While 99% of people say that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful, you definitely don’t have to get them red roses, a box of chocolates, or expensive jewelry. This handy gift guide will give you a great place to start if you’re totally stuck on what to get your S.O., your best gal pal, your mom, or even your pup.

Gifts that’ll show bae how much you care

Finding the right gift for your boo can be tough, even when you’ve been together for a while. If you want to avoid cliches at all costs, you’ll have to get a little creative. Luckily, Etsy is a great resource for unique, thoughtful gifts that are often handmade. In an Etsy survey, data found that 97% of Etsy sellers work from home and 74% considered their shops to be businesses rather than merely hobbies. If you want to shop small and find something one-of-a-kind, there are great gifts to discover here. You can even filter by location to ensure you won’t deal with delayed, overseas shipping — just make sure to check a shop’s specific shipping times and message an owner if you need an item by a certain deadline.

If you don’t want to risk ordering online, consider going the DIY route. You don’t have to spend a lot to show your significant other you care. Cook them their favorite dinner, create an at-home spa experience, or try out one of these fun do-it-yourself Valentine’s crafts(Bonus: those crafts are great for kids, too!) If there’s an amazing experience your loved one has always wanted to try but wouldn’t buy for themselves, you can’t go wrong by giving it to them with love.

Galentine’s gifts to delight your BFF

Galentine’s Day is on February 13, thanks to Leslie Knope. There’s no better way to celebrate female friendship than by putting together something special for your best gal pal(s). If your bestie is a glamour girl, splurge on a pricy makeup palette (or DIY your own makeup together!) or shower her with her favorite bubbly and sweet treats. You can also put together a self-care box to encourage herself to do some pampering. Or give her a funny and thoughtful knick-knack that lets her know she’s a beautiful land mermaid with a heart of gold.

If she’s a caffeine fiend, you can’t go wrong with something java-themed. Statistics show that Americans drink approximately 1.64 cups of coffee per day, and Starbucks just came out with the perfect drink for the season — a cherry mocha. If she’s not into commercialized coffee, find a big novelty mug that’s themed to her favorite TV show or catchphrase and give her a bag of high-quality beans (or her number one choice for K-cups, if she has a Keurig). You can even capture Galentine’s Day by having an impromptu photoshoot together with confetti and balloons — perfect Instagram fodder.

Doggos deserve presents this Valentine’s Day, too

If you’re a proud dog mom or dad, there are a surprising number of gifts out there that will delight your pupper. According to Etsy, that platform alone has 200,000 results for “pet gifts,” so you definitely don’t have to settle for something ordinary. From doggie bow ties and customized collars to personalized bowls and pet portraits, there are plenty of ways to show your good boy or girl that they’ve loved to bits. PetSmart just launched its own Valentine’s Day collection, which makes it even more convenient to find cute things for even cuter pets. It features tutu dresses, pet-sized graphic tees, toys, treats, pet beds, leashes, and more. But no matter what you get your pet this Valentine’s Day, make sure you give them a good cuddle.

Presents for the best of the best: Mom

Valentine’s Day gets hyped for romantic love, but this is a great time to remind the one who loves you the most — your mama — that you couldn’t do without her. Customized jewelry is always a good choice, but engraved wine glasses (and her favorite bottle of red), luxury hand creams or bath soaks, or a personalized piece of decor (like a pillow, set of coasters, or a framed print) are all presents she’ll hold dear forever. Of course, she’d probably a massage gift certificate or a day with you just as much.

By thinking a little outside the box, finding the right gift for those closest to you doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Ultimately, the best present you can give to those you love is your time, attention, and affection this Valentine’s Day. But in a pinch, really high-quality chocolate can’t hurt.

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