Nasty LinkedIn Rejection Saga



Being a Communicator of the year and preacher and promoter of job hunters, it is unkind to bombard with pessimistic approach while receiving an email for networking.

This is what has happened to online job bank runner Kelly Blazek in Cleveland.  She replied to a LinkedIn request of Diana as “Your invitation to connect is inadequate and only beneficial to you, and it is cheap”. Besides, she angrily replied to Diana that “Don’t ever dare to write me again” and warned her not to reach out at senior practitioners again.

On the other hand, Diana Makota said that “my request had brief details of my professional qualities and I did not understand why she was angry to me”.  Upon receiving her reply, I relaxed myself and wrote a composed reply to her message and apologized.  Furthermore, she said “I had sent her LinkedIn request to see my credentials for any vacant job because my friend disallowed me from sending a resume”.

It goes without saying, when the issue was highlighted by the media, Kelly sent her response to a private news channel and confessed that it was pathetic and unwelcoming message that she had sent to Diana. She wrote “I am a preacher and promoter of talent in Cleveland and Diana is the future of this town”. She apologized for her peculiar behavior and wished Diana for her Job hunt.


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