U.S Navy Seal Sniper Launches an Android Black phone



A senior U.S Navy Seal Sniper has founded a new black mobile that has the tendency to self destruct. If anyone attempts to open its case, it will erase the data along with the software, says Mike Janke.

He says that most of the companies like facebook, Google, and Pandora steal your data for earning dollars under the pretext of free app.  Facebook steals your contacts, Google gets your geo location and Pandora records your music preferences.

This black phone is not like common android phones. Though it can be hacked yet it would challenge the whole mobile economy to some extent.  The phone developer says “this phone will not only save your identity but also protects you from the cyber invaders”.  Yes, you can go to coffee shop without having the fear of losing your data.

Apart from this, this black phone will keep your data in a highly secured and protected vault of Switzerland.  Mike Janke says since the 25 percent of people show their concern over privacy; it is pertinent to ensure that their data is saved at a secured place.  Unavoidably, this security was only meant for law and enforcement agencies and it would be for the first time that common people will enjoy it.

It has been clarified by the developer that this black phone would start shipping from the upcoming summer and its total cost is $629. Besides, it is estimated that 2.5 million black phones will be sold this year.

Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/02/28/283523473/a-smartphone-that-tries-to-slip-you-off-the-grid

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