Fitbit Announces Plans For New Health Care Approach



The average adult takes approximately 4,000 to 6,000 steps a day, closer to 10,000 for active individuals. Since Fitbit products and other wearable devices have become so popular in recent years, people are not only taking more steps, but keeping track of them, as well.

Now, Fitbit wants to expand beyond the wearable technology market and toward the lucrative health care industry.

According to ZD Net, Fitbit has recently launched its new health care platform — Fitbit Care.

Fitbit Care will connect health plans, employers, health and systems coaching, and more all to the company’s fitness watches and wearable devices. The new health platform will be available through Fitbit’s business-to-business unit called Fitbit Health Solutions. Humana, a popular health care organization with more than 5 million members, has selected Fitbit Care as its coaching platform.

Fitbit Care includes:

  • Wearable devices — Wearables and devices for self tracking of sleep, heart rate, and other activities. This data serves as the basis for personalized care.
  • Digital interventions — These digital interventions can offer support tools, address various challenges, hold private groups, and guided workouts.
  • Fitbit Plus — Fitbit Plus is an app that serves as a health coaching program. This tool connects Fitbit metrics with health care data, mediations, and activity trends.
  • Health coaching and virtual health assistance — Coaches will be able to connect with users via app, phone, and even in-person meetings. Core topics include smoking, weight management, and dealing with depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fitbit Plus will also feature a much more personalized and human touch to its fitness tracking. The app promises to step beyond algorithmic data by accessing real-life social groups, health coaches, counselors, and other health care professionals.

According to Market Watch, as Fitbit announced its new health care plans, the company’s stocks have jumped 4% in early trade.

“The fact that we’re able to pull all that together is incredibly valuable,” said John Moore, Fitbit’s medical director.

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