John Travolta Introduced Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem



During the Oscar’s award ceremony, John Travolta Introduced Idina Menzel as the wickedly talented “Adele Dazeem” for singing performance on the stage.  No doubt, he had literally raped her name and everyone started laughing over this flub.

Besides, Menzel sung the academy award winning melody “Let it go” from frozen and it had also won best animated feature Oscar.  It goes without saying; a fan of Travolta said that “What would Menzel think over this? She would certainly say like her song “Let it go, let it go”. Besides, he said that “I am glad to know that Frozen won two Oscars and I am really happy for this”.

The blunder of Travolta turned to be social media “Gossip” and everyone started speaking wrong names of their friends.  Not only this, a website produced a widget named as Travoltify and asked everyone to check your Travoltified name with the help of this widget.

When a private TV channel tried to check this widget, the name Wolf Blitzer “Travoltified” as “Will Butter and it was literally name insulting.



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