The Changing Face Of Marketing Strategies

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Technological advances have completely revolutionized every aspect of modern life, including the we communicate and do business. Enter the Internet. The Internet has changed the way in which consumers receive information, and the way businesses reach out to their target audiences.

Since 2010, more money is being spent on Internet marketing than radio, television, and newspapers combined. In fact, the typical marketing agency in the United States has an estimated 15 different content marketing strategies. However, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and new trends and strategies are being created as a result. According a recent article published in Entrepreneur titled, “5 B2B Marketing Trends For 2015 That You Should Be Doing Right Now,” new digital marketing strategies include micro targeting, paid advertisements, mobile optimization, and quality content.

Micro targeting involves getting up close and personal with specific segments that digital content is reaching. Having intimate knowledge of the target audience allows brands to created content that is relevant, and that will resonate with audiences. However, due to recent changes in many social media platforms’ policies, it has become difficult to increase organic post reach. Expanding budgets for paid social media ads will be essential to expanding reach.

As consumers increase their usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is imperative that websites and and digital content be optimized for mobile viewing. This includes web design basics, such as avoiding posting content that is difficult to read, watch, or otherwise interact with on a mobile device. Additionally, developing quality web content is becoming increasingly important as their is a plethora of information on the web already. Content needs to be engaging and dynamic in order to be relevant to consumers. The article suggests hiring professional writers to get the job done.

Though the 1960’s are often referred to as “the golden age” of advertising In America, the most exciting and unpredictable time in marketing history is now, in the present.

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