Bachelorette Party Gives Women a Chance to Make Art Out of Male Objectification

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After showing success in Sydney and New York City, The Artful Bachelorette recently arrived in Los Angeles, bringing its unique service to women on the West Coast.

The “unique service” The Artful Bachelorette offers is a bachelorette-party-turned-art-class that lets women objectify the nude male form — literally.

According to an August 12 LA Weekly article, The Artful Bachelorette provides one male model to pose nude, which the bridal party then draws as shirtless men walk around to refill the women’s champagne glasses.

And there’s no pressure to draw as well as one of the 2.1 million professional artists working around the country — because at this art class, the work isn’t graded. However, Fleur Childs, the company’s co-owner, says there’s one way women attending one of these parties can improve their interpretations of the male form.

“The more you drink, the better you draw, so if your glass is empty, just raise your hand and they’ll take care of you!” she told LA Weekly, pointing toward the shirtless men ready to give a refill whenever needed.

The Artful Bachelorette has proven to be wildly popular among brides in its first two locations — Childs told LA Weekly that she alone has already hosted more than 300 of these parties in New York throughout the last two years.

And, Childs said, it’s the act of drawing that tends to make attendants more nervous than looking at a naked man.

“Everyone’s a little nervous at first when they’re told that they’re going to draw, because some people haven’t drawn since high school or elementary school,” she told LA Weekly. “So we pour them a glass of champagne. And when there’s a piece of paper between you and the naked man, it feels more comfortable — it doesn’t feel weird.”

At the end of the bridal party’s art class, the guests show their finished works to the model, who in turn judges the best drawing — meaning the judging gets to go both ways.

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