China’s Unique Gaming Camo Bus

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A large and bulky bus is not the most common vehicle associated with the military’s arsenal of advanced war machines. Ironically enough, however, one is currently in use by the Chinese military for an unusual purpose; video games. According to the Chinese website Weibo, the bus is the property of The Second Artillery Corps, which is a division of China’s Strategic Missile Forces. Although it is not entirely clear what the bus’ ultimate purpose is, for now it is functioning as a “techie” way for solders to get some much need rest and relaxation. The bus, which is similar in design to a tour bus, is painted in camouflage, and boasts an air conditioned, comfortable interior which contains Internet connectivity in addition to tables, captain seats, and at least four laptops with which soldiers can use to play video games. Camouflage uses two main elements, color and pattern, in order to disguise military forces. In this instance, however, it is merely for aesthetic purposes and creates a dynamic visual effect.

Camouflage, derived from the French word “to disguise”, was first used and developed by the French armed forces during World War I. The United States then commissioned two artists to create the camouflage designs later used by the military. In fact, these designs are still in use today. Camouflage is used by all branches of the United States military and armed forces around the world not only to disguise troops, but to disguise military equipment and vehicles as well.

Though most people associate camouflage with the military, it has become quite common among civilians as well. Hunters often wear camouflage clothing in an effort to disguise themselves while pursuing game. Additionally, camouflage has become quite mainstream and continues to become increasingly popular. Many clothing and home goods retailers are taking advantage of this trend and offer customers a wide variety of camouflage clothes, accessories, luggage and decor in a variety of colors and patterns, amongst many other items. Some people are even opting to have their personal vehicle painted in a camouflage design, similar to the military recreation bus in China.

Whether used by armed forces around the world, worn by hunters, or donned as fashion statement, camouflage creates a unique visual impact that both blends in, and stands out.

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