Many Seeking Relief From Medical Bills File For Bankruptcy

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Many Americans are finding themselves falling deeper and deeper into debt due to medical bills and expenses. As result, filing for bankruptcy has become a common solution. In fact, an estimated 1.1 million households in the United States file for bankruptcy each year. Additionally, the American Journal Of Medicine reported that nearly 62% of bankruptcy filings in the United States were to medical bills.

American lyricist and singer-songwriter Robert Hunter, is best known for his work with The Grateful Dead and his collaboration with Bob Dylan. Hunter, now 73, suffered from a spinal abscess in recent years. During surgical repair of the abscess, doctors also discovered progressing bladder cancer and were forced into additional surgery. As a result, he was hospitalized for quite some time. Hunter, who originally retired in his sixties, returned to performing and booked a tour following his recovery in order to cover his new medical expenses. He was no longer making enough from royalties paid to him for his famous songs to afford his medical bills.

Unfortunately, situations like Hunter’s are all too familiar, and paint a grim picture of the financial burden shared by many Americans. According to a recent edition of Consumer Bankruptcy News, it was reported that a whopping 79 million Americans have medical debt and that 1 in 3 workers¬†spend nearly 10% of their income on health care alone.

Filing for bankruptcy is a common alternative for those seeking financial relief from medical bills and expenses. The Weik Law Offices have over two decades of expertise practicing bankruptcy law, and can help clients navigate the legal process of filing for bankruptcy, from start to completion. In 2006, The Weik Law Offices was recognized as one of the top three bankruptcy firms in the Raleigh, NC area. As such, client’s can rest assured their case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and that their needs will be met.

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