Signs You Need to Call a Roof Contractor

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If you have concerns about your roof, you likely need to call a roof contractor for an inspection. However, you can do a roof inspection yourself to make sure your roof is in good repair and doesn’t actually need to be repaired by a roof contractor.

The video posted on this page can teach you what to look for as you inspect your own roof. The video assumes you have a shingle roof because this is the most common roof type on homes in the United States.

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As you inspect your roof, pay attention to the condition of your shingles. If they are curling, cracking, or otherwise breaking down, you probably need a new roof.

You should also check on your roof’s flashing, gutters, and soffits. They should all be in good condition and show no signs of water damage, pooling water, or other problems. If they look normal and in good condition, your roof is fine. If it looks like water is infiltrating your roof system via the flashing or soffits, you should contact a roof contractor.

If you have any doubts about the state of your roof, you should call a roof contractor for a professional inspection.

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