Should You Talk to the Police After Being Accused of a Sex Crime?



If you’ve been falsely accused of a sex crime, it’s easy to panic and make bad decisions that only make the problem worse. While it’s important to share your side of the story and clear your name, your words can be used against you, and you need to be careful.

Law enforcement is responsible for investigating any claims of sexual assault. This involves not only talking to the person accused of the crime and the person who made the accusation, but also various other parties who may be able to provide insight into the situation.

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If the stories that these people give to the police are very different from yours, it can complicate things and make you look guilty even if you’re not.

Something that’s important to keep in mind when talking to a police officer is that even if the officer themselves believes that you’re being honest, they’re not the one who decides whether or not you’ll face punishment. Everything you say in a police interview gets handed over to prosecutors, and if those prosecutors think your words sound incriminating, you can end up getting in serious legal trouble for a crime you didn’t commit. Therefore, it’s important to be extra careful about the information you share with the police.


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