Understanding Methadone and Pain Management

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Suppose you are treating someone who struggles with chronic pain. In that case, whether it’s a stand-alone issue or connected to other health issues like cancer or arthritis, you understand the importance that medication plays in managing pain levels. Today, PAINWeek talks with Dr. McPherson about methadone and pain management techniques.

Dr. McPherson goes over why she prefers to use methadone with her patients to help manage their pain.

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She talks about the diversity of forms the medication comes in and how that can work for different patients. One example she shares is that methadone comes in an oral solution form, which works well for her patients who have trouble swallowing tablets. She also talks about the multiple pathologies of methadone that effectively treat pain.

methadone and pain management

Dr. McPherson also discusses the potential pitfalls of using this opioid with patients and discusses avoiding them. She talks about the importance of being aware of the drug’s half-life before adjusting the dosage. She also warns other practitioners to be mindful of the multiple possibilities for drug interactions.

Education, Dr. Mcpherson insists, is important for all people involved with the case when using methadone whether it’s the doctor, the patient, or the patient’s loved ones.

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