Should You Move to a Different Country?



The political situation, the recent medical unpleasantness, the crime, and a dozen other things make numerous people want to move anywhere but here. They should know, though, that Americans aren’t welcomed with open arms in other countries. But people still consider moving out of the country. Where are they going?

Almost any country into which you want to move requires three things: stay out of legal trouble, be a productive citizen, and don’t cost the country any money. Oddly, many countries allow you to stay if you pump money into the system by buying a business, opening one, or investing in one.

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The length of time you can stay before you become naturalized or a citizen varies. Eight out of ten countries don’t allow dual citizenship. The ninth allows it, and the tenth allows multiple citizenships. Most countries offer English as a second language, so you don’t have to learn a new language.

If you’re considering moving out of the country, remember that the facts and figures explained above are in comparison to American facts and figures. Be sure to research any prospective countries you’re interested in moving to. Let us know how the beaches are!


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