Mickey Rooney: Stars react to death of legendary actor

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Though Mickey Ronney had a small physique yet he had a huge impact in the Cinema industry. This small sized entertainer, who was 93 years old and died on Sunday, is being applauded by the big celebrities of Hollywood on twitter.

Lena Dunham jokingly said that “though he was as short as hell yet he snatched all the babes”.  On the other hand, Alyssa Milano wrote that “Mickey was the Hollywood Legend”. Apart from this, Ariana Grande writes that “He always passed failures on the way to success”.

William Shatner passed his condolences to his families and friends and said that his thoughts are with them. All the celebrities expressed their feelings on his death.  Most of the celebs wrote that he was a legend of Hollywood and they would never forget his outstanding performances.
Here goes the reaction of Hollywood stars:

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