Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: More ships rush to probe signals after another heard

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After hearing three separate sounds from the deep Indian Ocean, official rushed to check whether they were coming from Black Box of the missing aircraft or not. The head of the joint search operation said in his recent press conference that Chinese ships had received 2 electronic pulsing signals on Friday and on Sunday.

Marshall Angus Houston the then Australian Air Chief said that “this is very promising lead and our ship equipped with latest technology had also picked up third signal on Sunday”. He further said to reporters that we have not received continuous transmission but when we happen to go close to the device, we would receive more transmissions.

He had also confirmed to media that we cannot say at this stage that whether the signals were coming from the missing flight MH 370 or not. Besides, he said that Chinese ship Haixun 01 had also sighted a couple of white objects floating in the water apart from hearing the signals and it has already been reported in the China’s official news agency Xinhua.


detail-map-malaysia370-blackboxHe further said that the British ship HMS Echo – having the ability to locate sound equipment- has been directed to reach at the place where signals had been received and it will probably reach there in 2 days.  He told to reporters that we are aggressively searching the missing jet and Australian air force is also involved in this operation.

On the other hand, relatives of passengers are still hoping that the 239 people boarded in the Flight MH 370 would come back and they have not died at all. Last but not the least, media reports claim that investigators have really short time to find the wreckage because batteries of the black box -responsible for transmitting signals- have longevity of 30 days which is nearly passed.


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