Are Drones the Future of Neighborhood Watches?



Home protection is more important than ever nowadays, when just about every home in America likely has a few expensive devices kept inside. Without a proper security system installed inside these homes, U.S. property owners are at risk of having their valuable items stolen at any moment.

Burglaries happen much too often in the U.S., and there are currently 18 million homes equipped with some sort of residential security system. Thanks to the advent of drone security, however, and the widespread popularity of drone use and technology, these devices are now protecting homes, businesses, neighborhoods, and entire communities.

Now, some experts are wondering if drones are the future of the local neighborhood watch.

“The one place you should feel safe is your own neighborhood,” said Lee Stauss, CEO for AlarmTransfer, an Oklahoma-based company that provides aerial security once a home’s alarm has been triggered.

According to UAS Magazine, AlarmTransfer has partnered with Rajant, a private wireless network provider, to provide drone-based security to those in need.

“With Rajant, we have the ability to deploy multiple drones that are interconnected, so they all communicate with each other to track suspicious activity on the property in real time,” Stauss added. “We’re able to look at the whole community at once, at a much greater level of detail.”

Another drone developed by startup Aptonomy actually shines a blinking bright light to confront potential burglars.

Autonomy’s new drone carries a bright spotlight, loud buzzing alarm, and two loudspeakers that shout commands such as: “This area is secured” and “Security has been notified.”

When on duty, this security drone can be programmed to patrol a specific area and uses its onboard cameras to spot any potential intruders.

“The beauty of this is that it [the drone] would be [patrolling] in an environment where people shouldn’t be going,” added Ryan Calo, assistant professor at the University of Washington who specializes in law and robotics.

So far, the security drones are just a novelty, but the potential of this new security technology is clear.

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