Spring Fairs and Expos Give Contractors Insights Into New Ways to Help Customers

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Throughout the past winter, which was especially cold, homeowners across the United States had to crank their heating systems to try to stay warm. Now, with the cold mostly gone and May just a couple of weeks away, homeowners need to get their AC ready for hot summer months. Generally, most homeowners will turn to heating and cooling professionals for inspections and maintenance that will make systems more efficient and help provide relief from the summer sun.

For HVAC contractors who want to provide the best service for their customers, heading to trade shows and Expos before getting totally buried by the demands of the new season is a good idea. In the Atlanta area, the first annual PMA Plumbing Heating Cooling Expo in Marietta on April 24 will be a great place to visit.

It will host “more than 50 vendors showcasing the latest products and services for contractors, plus, a variety of activities for cooling, heating and plumbing contractors, students, suppliers and other associated professionals,” says an event press release.

On top of that, there will be educational seminars held from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. covering a wide range of topics. And, for a bit of fun, former Atlanta Braves star pitcher John Rocker will be present signing autographs and an Iron Man Competition in which teams of two work to complete a metal project in 90 minutes will also be held.

Every year, there are expos all over the country, and Lawrence, NJ was the host of a great event at the end of March. The 7th annual Living Local Expo Fair featured more than 80 vendors, over three times the number that it had four years ago. In addition to giving some information to HVAC professionals, it was also open to the public and shared lots of insights about how to make homes more efficient with new windows and installation, amongst other things.

“I am extremely interested in the environment. I want to save the planet. I’m concerned about healthy eating. I am becoming more mindful of what we eat. I want to learn more about irrigation. I want to grow a small organic garden,” said Carmen Roman, who rushed to the fair after getting out of work.

In addition to learning more about HVAC and other efficiency measures for homes, consumers and contractors alike might also want to check out expos that feature information and tools for repairing plumbing work. Over time, as pipes rust and seals wear down, water can leak into basements and other rooms in any home, so professional contractors often need to offer more than one service to stay busy.

Finding innovative new ways to improve homes is a good idea for both homeowners and contractors. Heading to expos and fairs is a great way to do so.

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