Celebrity Dentist Helps Uninsured Get Access to Dental Care Through Art Gallery

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For the approximately 130 million Americans who can’t afford dental insurance, maintaining proper dental health can be nearly impossible.

This is why one celebrity dentist is working to raise money that will help the uninsured get access to dental coverage.

According to a July 1 Ebony article, Dr. Lee Gause offers free dental services to the uninsured, using the proceeds from various art shows and auctions at the Smile Design Gallery in New York City to fund his efforts.

Charity events at the Smile Design Gallery have had several celebrities on the guest list, including Swizz Beatz, Fab Five Freddy and A$AP TyY, Ebony reports.

Smile Design Gallery events are usually held once a month at various locations around Manhattan. On July 9, SoHo’s Martin Lawrence Gallery will host the Smile Design Gallery, where works from Kanye West collaborator Takashi Murakami will be on display along with many other artists.

According to Ebony, 100% of the proceeds from these events go toward giving dental care to people without dental insurance, and about $300,000 has been raised so far. More than 500 uninsured people got dental care since Dr. Gause began holding Smile Design Gallery events last spring.

And rather than giving more patients the lowest-cost option for dental treatments, Dr. Gause says he strives to provide the highest level of care for a select group of those who really need it Ebony reports.

““Obviously, the most rewarding part is knowing that we’re positively impacting people’s futures,” Dr. Gause, whose celebrity clients include Danny Green, Floyd Mayweather and Angela Simmons, said of his charity. “I fixed one teenager’s broken front tooth. For me, that was meaningful because I know he can smile proudly in college or job interviews and as he goes through life.”

Dr. Gause said he eventually hopes to expand the Smile Design Gallery to other cities across the U.S., bringing in more dentists and artists willing to contribute their work to the cause.

“I’ve been blessed with an incredible dental practice. We have an amazing clientele for which we can offer the highest level of dental care,” he told Ebony. “We sell incredible art, but the people who buy it know their purchases help provide dental care for those who need it. We owe a lot to them and we’re grateful for their support.”

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