Paco de Lucia the Famous Spanish flamenco Guitarist Passes Away



Paco de Lucia the 66 years old guitarist has passed away on Wednesday. He was famously known for transforming the folk art of flamenco into modern melodies of guitar.

The spokesman of his home town Miguel Nunez said that “He was playing the guitar with his family members on a beach of Mexico where he suddenly turned ill and happened to be shifted to a hospital but before he could reach for first aid, he passed away”.

Besides, Miguel Nunez said that the cause of his death was cardiac arrest and sudden failure of heart functioning. Algeciras is going to declare official mourning for this irreparable loss near the strait of Gibraltar and other official preparation are also underway.

Last but not the least, a big number of famous people have been died in the beginning of this year and number of death toll grows with every passing day.



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