Does Whatsapp worth more than $19 billion?



Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook astonished everyone during the Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona on Monday. He said that “It was in my thoughts that the value of Whatsapp was more than that the Facebook paid for it”.
Actually, Facebook Company had paid $16 billion for Whatsapp in cash and stock form apart from $3 billion restricted stocks for workers and owners. This makes the figure $19 billion in totality and supposed to be 19 times higher amount than the facebook paid for Instagram.

It goes without saying the amount facebook paid for Whatsapp was two times highter than that Microsoft paid for buying the Skype. No doubt, the revenue generated from Skype is far better than the Whatsapp. It has been reported that Whatsapp had earned about $20 million in the last year.

Carol Kopp says “is Mark Zuckerberg really crazy”? How could he pay that money for the service that did not exit till 2009? Furthermore, he says that this year would be quite prosperous for those people who could make an appealing App related to social media.

Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons that have motivated face book to pay such a huge amount for the App. Experts say that Whatsapp has more than 700 million active users and one third of those users send daily message to their friends. Besides, this company has many chances to grow, it would also help facebook to expand its network of advertisement otherwise the CEO of Mark Zuckerberg is not crazy to pay such a big amount for newly launched app.


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