Listen to a Local Testimonial for Leprotec



The Central Valley in California is the source of most of the oranges and almonds in the United States. In this video, growers from this region share their experiences with Leprotec products.

Leprotec offers a couple of products to help mitigate pest problems for growers. An interesting fact is that pests adapt to pesticides that are used by growers, so if not rotated, they weaken in their effectiveness over time.

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Leprotec’s products can be rotated on an every-other-year basis with each other to keep the pests from adapting. They can also be rotated with other products on the market to increase effectiveness. One of the growers in this video describes how he uses this strategy.

One of the products highlighted is called Spear-lep. Multiple growers explain that this product has a 0-day pre-harvest interval, which means that it can be sprayed on the product at any point before harvest. Similar competitors don’t have this feature, meaning that spraying is restricted to certain times.

Overall, this video is helpful for mass growers looking for a pest solution. There are many products on the market, and these testimonials show that growers are effectively using Leprotec.


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