How Are Aluminum Products Made?



Chances are that you’ve used aluminum products in your home or business before. But do you know how these products are created? The process is actually quite fascinating. Let’s take a quick look at how aluminum is processed and turned into the products that you use on a regular basis.

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First, aluminum ore is mined from various sites around the world. This or is also known as bauxite, which is the raw material from which aluminum can be refined and processed out. Once gathered, this material is wet blended with a caustic solution and transferred to a steam pressure chamber. Under this pressure, aluminum will separate from the raw bauxite.

From there, it’s all about getting the aluminum to a state where it’s able to be worked with. When the aluminum separates from its raw form, it’s more of a liquid than a solid. By heating it to extreme temperatures, the liquid is evaporated out and the aluminum can be melted down into a solid, malleable state.

Once the aluminum has been fully processed, it can be used to create all kinds of products for industrial or household purposes.


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