IV Therapy Gaining Momentum Across the United States



Intravenous therapy (IV) is a therapy that delivers liquid substances directly into a vein. It can be administered through injections with a syringe or infused using pressure and gravity. This therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications and fluid replacement throughout the body. Additionally, IV therapy is a fantastic tool to get vitamins and minerals into the body with 100% absorption.

According to KGUN 9, IV therapy bars are gaining momentum across the U.S. — but concerns are growing about the effectiveness of the treatment. However, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are turning to IV therapy thanks to its physical advantages. Over 80% of adults don’t meet the guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

“It makes you feel superhuman,” said Vinnie Lopez, owner at Vital Strength and Fitness in Denver. “Which is why it’s not allowed in mixed martial arts anymore, because it brings you back better than you felt before.”

Since vitamins and other minerals can easily be administered into the body, patients can do everything from cure hangovers and combat lethargy to boost their immune system and enhance their skin’s health.

The process works by providing the patient with a direct infusion of vitamins and minerals, like high doses of vitamin C or magnesium.

“Honestly, it’s a game changer,” added Erica Beard, former NFL cheerleader. “You can notice a difference in your energy level. It helps with muscle recovery and staying hydrated. It’s not easy drinking enough water as we need to.”

Many other medical professionals, however, aren’t as willing to accept IV therapy.

“The whole thing is really nonsense,” said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. “It’s just catering to people’s sense that they’re taking their health into their hands.”

Despite the skeptics, plenty of world-famous celebrities have been supporting IV lounges. Rihanna, Simon Cowell, Cindy Crawford, Adele, and Chrissy Teigen all have voiced support of this unconventional practice.

“IV vitamin drips and shots can be used both proactively to maintain optimum wellness and to treat acute and chronic conditions,” said LaQuicha Westervelt-House, a nurse practitioner and owner of Thrive Vitamin Drops and Shots.

More research needs to be done but whether it’s the placebo effect or actual hard science, IV therapy seems to be working — at least for some — and is gaining momentum across the United States.

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