How to Make People Like You: 6 Science-Based Conversation Hacks

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Are you intending to make people like you? Are you thinking to influence hearts and minds of the people? If yes the adopt the following tips:

1. Encourage people to talk about themselves

This gives people the same degree of pleasure that they obtain from food or money. Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir said that “Self-disclosure is extra rewarding”.

2. To Give Feedback, Ask Questions

When you think that people face troubles in developing their thinking process, give them pieces of advice through your questions. This is the best way to lessen their inner threats. Your positive feedback will last far reaching effects over the minds of the people.

3. Ask for advice

Persuasion expert Robert Cialdini and Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer suggest that asking for advice is the best way to win hearts and minds of the people.  It has been researched that seeking advice is the powerful tool to influence others.

4. The Two-Question Technique

You should always ask positive questions from others.  When they reply you positively, ask them about features of general life. Actually, this tip has been suggested by Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman.  Positive answers always motivate people to be more inclined towards positivism.

5. Repeat The Last Three Words

Social skills expert and author Leil Lowndes opines that “Simply parrot the last 3 words of your companion in question tone.

6. Gossip — But Positively

Research demonstrates that speaking positively about others will improve your reputation. Complaining someone will not help you to influence people.  Therefore, positivism coupled with fun should always be a part of your communication agenda.

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