How to Fix Broken Spring on Garage Door



When it comes to your garage door, there are many things that can be wrong with it. Whether or not you’re looking at commercial garage door repair or automatic garage door repair, the fixes that need to be made can be endless. One of the fixes that many homeowners look over is broken garage door spring repair. The spring on a garage door is what helps the door roll up and down the rails easily without you have to use all of your strength.

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Some of the issues that can come up with a broken spring would be the spring becoming unwound and not being able to hold up the garage door anymore. Another issue you can run into is if there is too much metal debris on the spring that prevents the spring from rolling the gate smoothly. For these types of issues, the main fix is to replace the system as a whole. Once the spring has gone bad, the hassle to rewound it is very expensive and time-consuming. So go to your local hardware store and buy a spring. Once you have that, replace the spring and lubricate the bar that the spring is wrapped around so that for years to come the spring will be able to not get snatched on anything.

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