Understand Substance Abuse on Teens



Teen substance abuse is more common than you might imagine. Teens are a group that is often pulled one way or another and is more prone to using drugs and then becoming addicted to those drugs. You do have to watch out for drug abuse in teens, and as a parent, you have to work with your teens to help them work through it and find solutions that work for them.

The teenage brain is ever developing, changing, and growing, and the use of drugs can inhibit and change the development of the brain. When teens use drugs or become addicted to drugs, they can undergo a range of behavioral changes that might help signify that they are struggling and that something needs to be done.

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They may become moody and withdrawn; they may become angry and combative; they may not eat; they may have trouble sleeping, and so on.

Being able to spot these changes and help your teen find the treatment they need to help get over their addiction and change their lives. Addiction is not the end of the line; with the right help, you can help your teen overcome their addiction and live a better life.


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